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The Main Directions of FDHR's Activity

bullet.gif (319 bytes) Psychosocial rehabilitation of internally-displaced persons, refugees and vulnerable people
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Folk diplomacy - confidence and peace building
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Community building (Mobilisation & Development)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Development of creative potential in children and adolescents
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training in psychological self-help
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training in psychological self-management
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Individual and group psychotherapy
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Family Therapy
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Psychological counselling
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Conflict management training
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training in effective communication and negotiations
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Psychological training organization and business management
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training in image creation and team building
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training in creative and innovative thinking
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training of achievement and success motivation
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Training in active teaching and creative upbringing
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Popularisation of psychology - publishing business etc

The Accomplished Projects

bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1995-2000 "Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of IDPs in Georgia" (supported by NRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1997 "Programme for Developing Migrant Adaptation Service in Georgia" together with 2 NGOs (supported by IOM)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1997 Express Social Psychological Survey (together with the Centre of Humanitarian Programmes, Sukhumi)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1998 "Emergent Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of Second-Time Refugees from Gali" together with 3 NGOs (supported by UNHCR, UNV and NRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1998 "Implementation of Educational Innovations in Tbilisi Schools" (First Stage)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1999 The Movement "Elderly People for Peace-Building in Georgia and Abkhasia" (supported by Help Age International)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) International Scientific Practical Conference "Society & Psychological Support" August 9-10, Tbilisi 1999 - (Sponsored by NRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1999 Training on issues of Sex education & Upbringing in Zugdidi
(supported by IRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1999 Training on issues of Effective Managament in Zugdidi (supported by IRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 1999 Training on issues of Baby Sitting in Zugdidi (supported by IRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 2000 "Psychosocial Rehabilitation of War-Combatants & Veterans" (supported by Georgian Association of Invalids-Warriors of "Demetre Tavdadebuli")
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 2000 Training programme "Working with Traumatized Children/Copying with the Stress" for teachers in the Pankisi Valley (supported by NRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 2000 "Psychosocial Rehabilitation of victims of the armed conflict in Chechnya" (supported by Georgian Red Cross Society)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) 2000 International Summer Camp for Children in Kobuleti (supported by Georgian Red Cross Society)

Current Projects
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Since February 2000 "Domestic Violence - Rasing Awareness" (supported by Philip Morris Management Services B.V.)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Since April 2000 "Sanitation and Community Mobilisation Programme in Pankisi Valley" (supported by IRC)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Since July 2000 Training Programme "Stress Management" for Georgian NGOs in Zigdidi Area together with Antares Foundation (Nitherlands)

Perspective Plans

bullet.gif (319 bytes) Spreading of the processes of confidence and peace building (joint interregional programmes)
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Creating of the network of psychosocial rehabilitation service in Georgia - training of the psychosocial rehabilitation professionals, paraprofessionals and non-professional helpers
bullet.gif (319 bytes) Community-development and NGO development projects

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